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   This blog is about the perspective on writings.Here you will find Poetry, Quotes and  weekly inspirations. Children stories, Crime stories and everything real stories on this site written by yours truly. I hope that when you come to stop by you will render attentively your eyes and read the writings with an open mind and heart.




No day

No one day is ever the same we see this just by waking up in the morning. Most of us morn the day as we know it leads to having to face reality’s that we may not be ready to accept. Some of us enjoy the new day that life brings in hopes of changing our outer man’s thoughts. Either way it goes at some point we as humans understand that to get to the other side of doing things is to treat the day like no other day.





Homeless in America

Being homeless is a very unhealthy way to live, that’s what the on lookers say. However, being homeless in America has a different spin on how it should look according to those that have no real incite. If you have never visited a home less shelter of any sort you may want to at least one day in your life. For the most part if you do you may be surprised what you see and learn. People from all walks of life can easily fall into a a predicament like so many Americans have already done. I would have to say that now a days homeless people don’t have to have the grungy run down and  filthy look it could be the person at the cubicle right next to yours. Yes i said cubicle because homeless people work to and pay taxes as well. Its the high inflation cost of renting that is causing people to run right to the nearest shelter in which at nine times out ten is already full to the max. Being homeless is a real crisis and who is really talking about it besides the homeless. Streets,  sidewalks and parks are over populated in most American States and cities with families single women and men who sometimes don’t have a roof over their heads at night. Children crying mothers hurt and fathers are out here on the streets feeling like their a failure in America “the home of the brave and the land of the free”. There has to be a solution and pulling a genocide is not the answer. It’s always easier to get rid of the problem than to find a solution. How many have to suffer by the way side in America my honest answer is still none.

What does your birthday mean?

Yesterday i woke up it was March 13. That is the day i crossed over into fresh air. I didn’t know a thing or two about this life. I was coddled breast fed and nurtured by some pretty cool humans. As i grew i learned the concept of the five senses. The touch was amazing the taste was even better. How could i forget sound that’s how i was able to learn and form my words? I was still small but able to do things on my own. I went from crawling to walking and then to terrorizing. Over the next few years i would endeavor into the out door life and my world evolved into more of my kind i called them friends.

Friends were great they would come over to my house i would go over to there house as well.  We ate the tasty sugary sweets we played in our favorite out door stuff dirt. Us small ones we loved to pour water to form our greatest creation mud pies. We went from play ground to school grounds we went from swinging to hop scotch. Double dutch that had become one of my all time favorites. In my circle there were many colors my friends came from every country to this land. I was born on March 13th that was a great day. I am a great woman and still a great friend to many.

The insecurities of life.

The insecurities of life can be fixed with about 3 things. Wine, Patience & Peace. Now you might wonder how do you obtain those 3. First you need space to get to know yourself. Second you will need about $20.00 that’s for the wine. Third you will need to take a breath for the patience. Last and final get ready to relax because you have just found peace.



Little Priscilla Daniels

The bold attitude she had for a smoke free life was not in the cards for Priscilla Daniels. The accustomed girl would never be the same. Her and those skinny long legs were going to make someone lose their mind one day. Priscilla was vexed on the inside she hated the thought of her parents getting a divorce. It felt like death to Priscilla and she was in no way ready to die. Priscilla wouldn’t accept the fact that her parents could not cope with the family business so it went up in a draft of flames. Both of Priscilla parents agreed that it would be best for Priscilla to spend the summer away at camp. Priscilla had found it strange that out of all the arguing that the two of them did they agreed that she go to camp. The poor girl wanted nothing to do with the outside world mainly because she couldn’t swim through her emotions. Priscilla’s mother was shaken up because she would have to step into the single life as a woman who had been cheated on. All of the town’s people were aware of what had been going on at 1743 undivided lane. The older boy down the road told Priscilla try smoking some of this it will make all your troubles seem like cartoon. Priscilla tried the cigarette only thing was it was not a cigarette. Priscilla felt sleepy the boy pointed at the sky. Priscilla laid on the side walk next to the big tree and she stared into the sky. The boy told Priscilla you should know that I gave you a joint. Priscilla told the boy I am aware of that. He told her I can hear your parents when they argue. Priscilla began to cry with a loud sound the boy grabbed her hand and he told Priscilla it’s not so bad having your mom and dad separate. Priscilla told the boy I am an only child I don’t know what my mother will do she is old now. The boy told Priscilla my mom is your mom’s age they always make do. The boy told Priscilla all her mom does is cry now. The boy told Priscilla crying will never solve the situation. Priscilla told the boy I want to stab my dad right in the heart. The boy told Priscilla if you do that you will go to jail. Priscilla told the boy I would feel like justice would be served for my mother. The boy told Priscilla you have to tell your mother “she can still live and have a new life she will have to wake up eventually.” Your father is gone now and life will not be the same your mother is probably thinking. The boy told Priscilla one day I will marry you and those long legs. The young boy put a smile on Priscilla’s face. Priscilla walked off to head home. The boy yelled out “when will I see you again?” Priscilla told the boy when the big cloud comes over the moon. The boy told Priscilla I don’t understand that. Priscilla told the boy how about when we have another full moon. The boy ran over to Priscilla he told her tell your mom” she can’t bite the bait if she has no hook.” Priscilla nodded her head as she walked up the stairs.

Messages of Life

“Embellish the relish with a force so strong, that they will surrender.”

“The longer you wait, the longer it takes; to claim the victory over your life.”

“Living with anxiety, heightens your awareness, to let go of everyday spectacles.”




“If they tell you a lie three times, then what have they told you? A pack of lies.”