What does your birthday mean?

Yesterday i woke up it was March 13. That is the day i crossed over into fresh air. I didn’t know a thing or two about this life. I was coddled breast fed and nurtured by some pretty cool humans. As i grew i learned the concept of the five senses. The touch was amazing the taste was even better. How could i forget sound that’s how i was able to learn and form my words? I was still small but able to do things on my own. I went from crawling to walking and then to terrorizing. Over the next few years i would endeavor into the out door life and my world evolved into more of my kind i called them friends.

Friends were great they would come over to my house i would go over to there house as well.  We ate the tasty sugary sweets we played in our favorite out door stuff dirt. Us small ones we loved to pour water to form our greatest creation mud pies. We went from play ground to school grounds we went from swinging to hop scotch. Double dutch that had become one of my all time favorites. In my circle there were many colors my friends came from every country to this land. I was born on March 13th that was a great day. I am a great woman and still a great friend to many.


Author: krem2017

I have an imagination that supersedes my life.

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